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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Haylou GT1 Review

Are you in search for a decent pair of wireless earbuds but are on a tight budget? Perhaps you’ve been wondering how good are those cheap wireless earbuds you see on online shopping sites like Amazon, Lazada and Shopee. Hopefully, this review can give you some guidance on at least one of them.

The Good:

  • -          Price
  • -          Battery life
  • -          Comfortable fit

The Bad:

  • -          Micro USB charging
  • -          Questionable after-sales support


  • -          Bluetooth 5.0
  • -          Touch control
  • -          Voice assistant support
  • -          3.5 hrs use, 12hrs max with 310 mAh charging case
  •              Price is between Php 700 – Php 1,000 (US$14-19) depending on flash sale prices

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Design and use:

The first thing I noticed with the GT1s was how small and lightweight they are. Comparing them to my already tiny Galaxy Buds, these are even smaller. One thing I can say is that the quality of the plastic is not up to Samsung Galaxy Buds or Apple Airpods standard. They feel cheap and hollow in comparison. However, at this price range, I’m willing to look past that, and after using it for about a week, it’s not that bad. One thing that I do like is that they fit very well in my ears. Since they are light and small, I could comfortably wear them for hours without any ear fatigue. Pairing is quite easy, not as simple as Airpods, and you’ll need to pair the right one first before the left. Since the instruction manual that came with it was in Chinese, a simple YouTube search will give you an easy guide to paring them. 

Battery life is also very good. I was able to use it for about 3 hours straight, and it still had not given a low battery warning. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to check the battery percentage.

Finally, we come to the sound quality. I’m happy to say that it’s okay. I would not call it exceptional or mind-blowing, but at this price, I was very pleasantly surprised. There’s a decent amount of base, plus the mids and highs are clean enough to hear the voice and other high pitched instruments.


Again, I was very pleasantly surprised by the GT1s. At first, I had a dilemma choosing between this, the Redmi Airdots and QCY QS2. What I liked about it was the size, as I wanted something small and pocketable. The final decision was made easy since I found them for just Php 700 (US$14) during a flash sale. I know that there are a lot of truly wireless earbuds to choose from, at least for me, the Haylou GT1 is a keeper. It has decent sound, good battery life, and very affordable.