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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Broadlink RM Mini 3 Review

The Good
1. Price
2. Easy setup
3. Compatibility with  a lot of devices

The Bad
1. Works better with Amazon Echo
2. Requires additional setup for some devices
3. Doesn't always work


Do you have an Amazon Echo or Google home? Perhaps you want to control your TV or some other home appliance? Then this Broadlink Mini might be the device for you. I came across this device while doing a YouTube search on how to use my Google Home to do some home automation. The best way to describe this device is that its like a universal remote control that you program with either Alexa or Google Assistant. First of all, this device works better with an Amazon Echo. If you’re using a Google Home, it will work but it does need some additional steps. I suggest watching some tutorials on YouTube before taking the plunge.

The initial setup is very easy. Some devices like my LG air conditioner worked right away as it was in the list of supported devices. However, other devices like my Dyson fan had to be reprogrammed in the Broadlink app to think that it was a lightbulb and then teach it to learn the Dyson's remote control. Finally, you will need to create “scenes“ in the app to automate some commands. Then link those scenes in your Google Assistant App. It may sound complicated but after watching a few tutorials it’s pretty straightforward. With all that said, the RM 3 Mini is only Php 1000 (US$20) on Lazada. It’s really not much considering what you get. If you’re into home automation, I highly recommend starting with this RM Mini 3. It’s cheap enough that you won’t feel bad if it doesn’t work as expected.