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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sony SRS X-11 Review

Not again! But I bought another Bluetooth speaker! Okay, I know I have reviewed a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the past and I have more than enough for my needs. So why did I buy another one? Well, simply because it looked and sounded nice, plus it was on sale for a very good price. Let’s see if this was a good buy.


Speaker size - Approx. 45 mm diameter x 1OUTPUT 
Power 10W
Battery life 12 hours
Micro USB terminal, Stereo mini-jack input
Dual passive radiators
Ability to pair with another X-11
Price: Php 4,999 at Sony Philippines
Bought it on sale in Sydney for equivalent Php 1,700.00
Amazon: USD $ 68 or about Php 3,200.00

Design and Features

Sony has gone with a very simplistic cube design and personally I really like it. It’s all plastic but the build quality is very good. It is also very small and portable so if your priority is size, this one should definitely be on your short list. Despite its small size, they managed to cram almost all the important features in a modern Bluetooth speaker. That includes NFC, Speaker phone, the ability to pair to X-11s, and a pretty long 12-hour battery life. I’ve seen Php 10,000.00 speakers that don’t even have NFC and speakerphone functions.

Size comparison with my other Bluetooth speakers

Performance and Verdict

First of all, before we talk about sound quality, I have to mention that this is very subjective so what may sound good to me, may not to be the same to you. With that said, the X-11 plays very loud for its size, probably the loudest in its size class. However, I did find the sound a bit flat. While it does put out some amount of base, the mids and highs are a bit lacking. Using the equalizer setting on your phone helps improve the sound quality a lot. I really like that you can use NFC to easily pair your phone. The speaker phone functionality is also a nice bonus. While I was not able to test the claimed 12-hour battery life, I did get about 8 hours use with no signs of the battery giving a low power warning. 

While there are certainly better sounding Bluetooth speakers, I don’t think you’ll find something as loud with a 12-hour battery life for the size. In other words, if your priority is getting the smallest, loudest and longest battery Bluetooth speaker, the X-11 is probably at the top of its class. Just try to get it at a good price.

The Good:

Price (when on sale)
Speaker phone function
Loud 10W speaker
Long battery life

The Bad:

Sound is a bit flat

No Included case

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