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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mipow PowerTube 5200 Review

Power banks are usually one of the gadgets you take for granted. As an Android user I have yet to try a power bank that doesn’t work with my phone. But if you have an Apple iOS device, it can been quite frustrating. I have bought 2 power banks that worked perfectly with an iPhone 5 but usually after every iOS update I usually end up with a message saying the device is not supported. I told myself that I would never spend more than Php 1000 for a power bank but I decided to bite the bullet and get this Mipow Power tube.


Built –in Apple Certified Lightning Connector
JuiceSync App

Performance and Verdict

Mipow is quite a known brand for powerbanks. You can see their kiosks in the mall you can even find them in some Apple authorized shops. They are usually more expensive than other brands but this time they had a promo. Trade in any old power bank (working or not) and you will get Php 1,500 off. So I traded in an old Php 150 CDR-King power bank and I was able to get it for “only” Php1999. There are 2 features that make this power bank stand out. The first is the built-in Lightning connector and the second is the built-in Bluetooth with an accompanying app. While the first is definitely the main selling point, the second is very unique and interesting. While the bluetooth allows you to pair it with your phone to set an alarm so you won’t forget to bring the power bank. The accompanying app allows you see its battery life and temperature, however the novelty does wear off after a while. The main problem with getting other power banks for iOS devices is that you usually need to use an original lightning cable which costs about Php 1000. I have tried numerous third party ones to only end up with compatibility issues. If you are an iOS user then this is the power bank to buy to simply avoid the aforementioned compatibility headaches. Android users can save some money and just get a cheaper power bank from a reputable brand.

The good

Built-in lightning connector

The bad


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