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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Logitech K400r Wireless Keyboard Review

Last year, I purchased the Acer W4 tablet and I’ve been searching for a Bluetooth keyboard with a built in trackpad to use with it. I initially bought an Aerb Bluetooth keyboard but it was such a pain to use that it was simply better to just use the on-screen keyboard. After doing more research, it seems that going wireless (using a USB dongle) is still better than Bluetooth. So I decided to purchase this K400r keyboard. Let’s see if I made the right decision.


10m wireless range
Multi-touch touchpad
Plug and Play USB Unifying receiver
One year battery life

Design and Performance

The K400r is a small and low profile keyboard which was actually designed to be used more with a media center PC than anything else. It’s light and made out of plastic. It feels a bit cheap but not too much that it feels like a toy. It’s has no backlight and actually no light at all that you don’t even know if you hit the Caps Lock or if the power is On. The keys are spaced pretty close to each other and almost what you would get on a 10 or 11” notebook. The right Shift key is small and quite annoying to use. Let’s just say if you’re someone who types all day long, this keyboard is not for you.


First of all, let’s be fair and remember this keyboard was really made for use with a media center device. It’s meant to be used as a pointing device (touchpad) first and a keyboard second. With that said, it’s still a very usable keyboard. Would I want this in the office to type on everyday? Probably not. But I’m writing this post using the K400r so I guess it’s quite adequate. Now the other question is the price. Currently, you can find it locally for around Php2000, but I got mine in the US for $20 (Php900). Now at that price it’s definitely worth it. But unless you really need the built in touchpad you would be better off getting a standard wireless keyboard and mouse.

The Good:

Price (when on sale)

Wireless connection works flawlessly

1 year battery life

Built-in Touchpad that works well

The bad:

Lack of backlight or any light indicator

Annoyingly small Shift key

Smaller than standard keyboard


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