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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creative SBS A120 Speaker Review

It's been a while since I posted a review, as I've been busy with my day job. But I do have some reviews lined up in the coming weeks. One of my latest purchases is the Creative Labs SBS A120 Multimedia Speakers. With all the craze of Bluetooth speakers, one could easily dismiss a pair of plain old speakers especially one at this very affordable sub Php1000 price. While I'm very happy with my Divoom On-Beat 500 (which I also reviewed) I just needed a pair of speakers to improve the sound of my TV and Laptop, and I’m pleasantly surprised with this bargain purchase. Let's list down the specs:
System Configuration
- 2.1 system (4W Sub and 2.5 W Satellite with 75db signal to noise ratio)
- Connector Type
- Stereo Jack
- Wired Remote Control

Design and Sound Quality

First off, let's get one thing clear. This is a pair of budget speakers so don't expect Bose level of quality. With that said, I’m quite impressed with how Creative Labs was able to sell something like this at such a low price. The design is your typical 2.1 sound set up but quality and finish is actually quite good and it looks like it can last a few years of use. The only thing I noticed is that the cloth speaker cover could get easily punctured and that it is a bit of a dust magnet. My expectations were really low so I was quite impressed with the sound quality that I bought it right away after testing it. It has a good amount of base although I found the mids and highs a bit lacking but still quite good given the price. Connectors are standard but what I really liked was the included computer mouse-looking wired remote that really comes in handy when trying to adjust the volume quickly.

While this may not be the best sounding speakers out there, it is probably the best sounding for its price. I was able to get it for Php 850 but I've seen some deals for as low as Php 699. And at that price it is an absolute buy if only to improve the sound quality of your PC or even your TV. I hope Creative will make future models with built-in Bluetooth and even if they double the price, it would still be a winner.

The Good:
- Price
- Sound Quality
- Wired volume remote

The Bad:

- speaker covers are dust magnets


  1. very informative review am getting them tomorrow my intex 2.1 suck ass

  2. Very good speaker for the price i bought it at pc express for 995 and it's a steal. Sound quality is actually very good. I found it to be a bit lacking in terms of bass. But im using it for pc so i adjusted the output from the settings to boost the output of the bass and guess what? It became perfect. Manufacturers usually lower the bass to encourage you to take the more expensive one but if youre on PC you can adjust it on the fly via audio driver program. Soo goood wahahaha xD

  3. Decided to get this today instead of the SBS A350 to save some money. I actually prefer the design of the A120 to the A350 as well.

  4. can it be connected to a television?

  5. I used it for downloaded movies..mahina..mas malakas pa asounds ng tv speaker

  6. Can you compared it to Zeus Z-350? what is better?

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