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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kata i3 Review

After having reviewed a few Kata phones and tablets, I’m curious and excited to see what’s new in their product line. It seems that they are listening to their customers since the i3 gives off a very good first impression. Let’s see if this stunning new phone is not just a pretty face. But first I’ll list down the specs:


-          1.3Ghz Quad-Core MT6582
-          5” HD 1280x720 Display
-          Mali-400 GPU
-          1GB RAM
-          16GB Internal Storage (Micro SD Expansion)
-          Wifi/3G/HSPA+/GPS
-          Dual SIM/Dual Standby
-          13MP Back and 5MP front camera
-          Bluetooth 4.0
-          2250mAh Battery
-          Android 4.2.2
-          Free screen protector, Leather Case and Smart SIM
-          Price 8,499 (Promo Price)

Design and Performance

Did I not emphasize enough that I really like the design of this phone? It really is refreshing to see KATA is stepping up their game by offering a more premium-looking product than the competition. While the body is still made out of plastic, it has that “high quality” kind of plastic build. The design has some elements of Sony Xperia but not in a bad copy cat kind of way. Build quality is quite good although I did have a problem with the power button getting stuck. This could be because this demo unit and looks like it has gone through more than a few reviewers like me.  Performance is very snappy and navigating around the phone has no lags. I loaded my favorite apps and games and all of them ran smoothly. Real Racing 2, which is a power hog was a joy to use with just very little lag but still very much playable. The screen is a 5” HD screen with only 294ppi but to be honest, you’ll be hard pressed to notice a difference with a full HD screen. Colors are nice and bright with very good viewing angles. I really like that KATA has included 16GB internal storage as most of the competition only offer 8GB or sometimes even less. Battery life is average and will get you through a day of normal usage. However, a fair amount of game playing will result in a substantial amount of battery consumption. But I guess that’s normal with almost any phone at this price range. I find it weird that the battery is not removable since it has a removable plastic back for access to the SIMs and MicroSD cards seemingly for this purpose.  I’ll post some screen shots and benchmarks below.

Kata i3 vs Note 3

Kata i3 vs Note 3


Spec-wise, the 13MP back and 5MP front should in theory provide you with good quality photos. But in actual photos, it was just average. Although in good light, I was actually quite pleased. I’m not sure low light is this camera’s forte.  I’ll post some sample photos and you can judge for yourself.


Front Camera


All in all, I’m quite impressed with the i3. It’s mostly all very positive feedback. With only the non- removable battery being the biggest pitfall, for me. Kata has really stepped up their game and as always, seems to give the consumer a little extra for their hard-earned money, like the 16GB of storage, free screen protector and case. If you are looking a phone in this price range, look no further and check out the i3. I for one, can’t wait to see what Kata has in store for us next.

The Good:

-         - Nice Screen
-          -16GB of internal storage
-          -Almost stock Android 4.2.2
-          -Slim Design

The Bad:

-         - Non removable battery with just average battery life

-          -Average camera

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