Monday, January 6, 2014

CD-R King Stereo Bluetooth Dongle Mini Review

During my last CD-R King visit I found two items that caught my eye. The first is the stereo bluetooth USB dongle and the second is a mobile phone micro SD card reader. I'll do a mini review of the bluetooth dongle first.

Do you have an old car or home stereo that you wish had bluetooth? Then this may be the solution to your problem. First of all, your old device has to have USB flash drive support. If it does, then it should theoretically work. I was able to get it to work with my old car stereo that has a USB plug. I just paired it with my phone and it surprisingly worked on the first try. It only supports Bluetooth 2.1 and not 3 or 4, but for P180 you can't really complain. It's a worthy upgrade to your old stereo. 


  1. Bakit napakahina po ng sa akin sir.. khit max na ang stereo ko... kinakabit ko po xah sa ikonzert amplifier

  2. ok cya sa Creative SBS E2800, malakas at malinaw

  3. The quality of sound indoors is loud for a device of such a small size. The full appeal of this product can be appreciated when it is taken outdoors. Alex