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Sunday, November 10, 2013

HP3545e Multifunction Printer Review

Ask yourself this question. When do you buy a new printer? For me, the answer has always been when the old one dies; or after you kill the old one out of frustration! Just to give you a background, for the past ten years my last four printers have been Epsons. It all started about 10 years ago when I chanced upon an Epson paper fire sale in the US. I got packs of specialty photo paper for really cheap. Since then, I have been stuck in the Epson world mostly because of the paper I purchased. For the most part, I have been happy with them except for the last printer which was an Epson TX110. Murphy's law would always apply whenever I would use this printer. A simple one-page print would sometimes take me 15 minutes simply because it would either run out of ink right at the moment I need it or would need a head cleaning. There have been times when I had contemplated throwing it out the window.

Out the window

Fate intervened when a nasty paper jam seemed to have damaged the head. I tried cleaning it until I ran out of ink and since a complete ink replacement would cost about P1,600, (for my sanity) I decided to buy a new printer instead. This time, I considered other brands particularly HP and Canon. Since the biggest cost of the printer is actually the ink, I decided to look at the cheapest wireless multifunction printer in their lineup.

I narrowed my choices to the HP3545e (Php 5,990) and the Canon MG3570 (Php 4,495). While I was tempted to buy the Canon because of the lower price and the free watch that came with it, the ink cost is almost three times compared to that of the HP. Granted that the Canon ink specs say 400 pages vs 300 on the HP, it is really dependent on what type of printing you do. Since it will be mostly used to print the kids' homework, all I wanted was the cheapest ink cost. For the HP, that means shelling out Php390 for the color (for all colors and not individual cartridge) and p390 for black. A total of Php780 for a complete ink set.

Another reason not to use the computer

I really wanted a wireless printer so that I could print from my phone and tablet. I figured this would also benefit the kids since they use a tablet for their school work. The HP3545 was easy to set up and was able to connect to my router without any issues. Once you download the HP ePrint app (available for both iOS and Android) you can print directly from your device. Again, on the first try and I was able to print from my ipad right away. For your scanning needs, just download the HP AiO remote app. The images are transferred straight to your device.

Since this is my first wireless printer I can't really compare it with other brands. But I must say that the HP's set-up was very easy. To be honest, it's just so convenient that I can't believe I didn't get one sooner.

The printer also has a small LCD screen which helps with printer settings and initial setup. Another great feature is the WiFi direct in case you don't have a router. It's also nice that HP includes a link for a coupon every time you replace your ink with an original cartridge. It's not much, but at least it's something. Print quality is up there with most four color printers. Print speed is fast enough for home use and automatic double sided printing works well. All in all the convenience of wireless printing is just too good that I can't see myself going back to a regular printer. The days of emailing files to myself and using the computer to print are behind me. If you use your tablet or phone for creating documents and photos, do yourself a favor a get a wireless printer.

The Good

- WiFi
- Easy Setup
- User friendly HP app
- Slim design
- LCD screen
- Low ink cost

The Bad

Higher price versus other brands
- Tri-color ink cartridge versus individual
- Can't change printer settings in iOS