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Monday, April 16, 2012

Asahi Vortex Air Circulator Fan Review

It’s summer time again, and we need to stay cool, especially our gadgets. My trusty old industrial fan bit the bullet and it was time to get a new one. I have not gone electric fan-shopping in a while and I was surprised to see so many choices now. My first instinct was to get ones of those bladeless electric fans but after trying it out, its power was just not enough for the Philippine heat plus it was also the most expensive one. It looked really nice but not a practical choice. After looking around at the ‘normal” electric fans I came across the Asahi Vortex Fan and the gadget freak in me just had to try it out. First of all, it looks different and sort of reminds me of a jet engine or a cannon from some sci-fi movie.

After trying it out, I was surprised by the power this little thing generates. There were two models but I opted to get the cheaper single fan version. My only concern was that the fan sits close to the ground and so it might suck up more dirt than a stand fan. I wish Asahi raised it just a bit more to around 6 inches. Overall for P2,400, it’s a great deal for a unique looking “small but terrible” fan.

The Good:
- Design
- Power

The Bad:
- Might suck up dirt from the ground


  1. How long did this fan last? Did you use it daily like a normal electric fan? Ty!

  2. Still working? Ilang wattage and madali lang bang gamitin?

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