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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10 Review

Looking for a small point and shoot camera? Need it to be slim and stylish? Need it to be water and shockproof? Impossible Right? Well your choices are pretty limited. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 may be the only one. I have been eyeing this camera since it came out. It replaces the TX-5 which had mixed reviews. I went to the Sony store in Shangri-La mall and they were selling it for 20k (12 months 0%). Amazon was selling it for $310 (Php 13k). The cheapest one I found was for 13.5k at Viramall. Not bad. I almost bought it but decided to wait, and as luck would have it, it went on a one-day sale on Amazon for $169 (Php7K) with free shipping! I can’t believe it was 20k locally, That’s $460! Rip Off! Anyway, I had it shipped to my uncle in the US and got it two weeks later.
After my unboxing ritual, my silver TX-10 with a flat front face and touch screen looked like a cellphone. If you want to read a full review of this camera you can check out other famous review sites. I will focus on the four features which made me get this camera.
1. Form Factor – Fits in Pocket, Small and Stylish
2. Waterproof – Rated up to 5m/16 feet. It’s perfect for the pool and beach, not having to worry about your camera getting wet is a lifesaver.
3. Background Defocus mode – It takes two quick shots and will blur the background making it look like your photo was taken with a DSLR.
4. Dual Record mode – This is probably why I got this camera. The ability to take 3MP stills while recording video. Now you don’t need separate cameras for video and stills.
Overall, the camera is pretty responsive, fast autofocus, great low light performance. Need manual controls? Look elsewhere, this is a pure point and shoot with intelligent scene modes. Touch screen is not as responsive as an iPhone, it’s usable but will not work in the water. So set your settings before you get wet or use the included stylus. Video capture quality is outstanding, up to 1080i, and the 4x zoom works while recording. There is a 1-2 second lag before it starts recording but hopefully, this can be fixed in a firmware update. It has a small battery so expect about 100-150 shots, and will barely last a day of shooting. Just like a smart phone, you will have to recharge every night. While there are a lot of waterproof cameras, most of them look like they were styled by Casio’s G-Shock division. Not necessarily a bad thing if you want a tough rugged look. But if you want a camera you can use at the beach in the morning and take to a wedding in the evening this might be the only one.
The Good:
- Style and Size
- Fast autofocus with a nice wide 4x 25-100mm lens
- Dual Record , Sweep Panorama, and 3D modes
The Bad:
- Short battery life
- Touch screen responsiveness
- Limited scene modes

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